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What is thruuu?

thruuu is a free SEO tool and SERP Analyzer. In one display, you can see a complete and detailed overview of the top 100 results on Google Search for any keyword, country, location or device.

Why are SEO Experts and Copywriters using thruuu?

  • Understand the SERP in one sight
  • Check the SERP in any country, language or location
  • Spy on competitors’ page structure
  • Collect keywords
  • Compare the top rankings pages
  • Optimize web content
  • Extract on-page data
  • Get info for local or international markets
  • Compare desktop and mobile SERP
  • Track page performances and Core Web Vitals
  • Analyze search and user intent
  • Generate content ideas
  • Make content briefs and outlines
  • Find insights from titles, headings and content
  • Prepare the next pieces of content
  • Get the average word count
  • Discover intents and content gap
  • Write better content
  • To save time
  • And because it is user friendly

See through the SERP

Review Google SERP for any country, location and device

Scrape Google SERP for any country, location and device

You can extract any SERP data up to 100 pages with a simple click.

Analyze organic pages and SERP features

Analyze organic pages and SERP features

thruuu analyzes organic pages but not only that. It includes paid results, questions, related searches, top stories, videos, images, local pack, knowledge graph and featured snippets.

Google SERP words counts

Great insights, words counts and last update of the SERP

Find statistics about the SERP and information about average word counts and images, content update, and featured snippet or FAQ.

SERP One-page data with thruuu

On-page data at a glance

Get the number of words, images, links, schema and more data for each page. Understand the structure by looking at headlines hierarchy.

Understand topics and keywords of the SERP

Understand topics and keywords

Compare all titles, headlines and descriptions including the frequency of the keywords.

Export Google Search Result to Excel

Every SERP and on-page data are available in an Excel report.

Follow the evolution of the SERP

Follow the evolution of the SERP

Each SERP analysed is saved and let you compare the results over time.

Compare the pages speed and performances of the SERP

Page experience is a ranking factor for Google. Stay ahead of your competitors and understand their page performance, page speed and Core Web Vitals.

Analyse SERP features and On-Page data

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Word Count
  • Modification Date
  • On-Page FAQ
  • Featured Snippet
  • Images
  • Related Search
  • Knowledge graph
  • Internal Links
  • On-SERP Title
  • URL
  • Images Counts
  • Every JSON Schema
  • News
  • Local Pack
  • Keyword density
  • Answer Box
  • Outbound Links
  • Page Description
  • Headings (H1, H6)
  • Page Type
  • Publication Date
  • Organic Results
  • Paid Results
  • Videos
  • People also ask
  • Page Performance
  • Core Web Vitals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit? 

Each time you trigger a scrape and you get a result, your will be charged by one credit. You can consult your scrape history for free.

Do I lose my credits at the end of a month? 

The credits purchased will stay on your account. But the free credits are not rolled over to the next month. Each month the amount of free credits is set to 10.

Can I buy more than one credit package?

Yes, you can accumulate packages. For instance, if you buy 2 times 500 credits, it will cost 100 EUR / USD, and you will have 1’000 credits on your account.

Can I access thruuu once the credits are used up?

Yes, you can still access the application and consult your scrape history.

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