When looking for content ideas or doing keyword research for your SEO, you know how important it is to find out the most popular questions on a topic.

What are the most common questions related to a search on Google? 

What are the most frequent questions on the SERP?

With thruuu, a free SERP Analyser, you will get a ton of questions ideas in one click. 

The free SEO tool will give you an overview of

  • The questions from the People Also Ask (PAA) box
  • The most common questions found in the headlines of every page
  • The questions extracted from the blog comments section
  • The questions and answers found on the FAQ schema of every page

Run a SERP analysis with thruuu and visit the questions tab

The first step is to create an account with thruuu, a free SERP Analyser tool.

Once you are logged in, hit the scrape button and start your first SERP analysis.

Select your keywords, country and other parameters matching with your targeted SERP.

If you want to have many questions idea, I recommend picking 100 or results to scrape.

Then once the analysis is done, visit the Questions tab.

Extract of the People Also Asked box

The first information displayed is coming from the People Also Asked (PAA) box.

This information is related to the user’s search query and is generated by Google. It is On SERP information. 

You can copy them to your clipboard and add them to your content brief.

Extract of the People Also Asked box

Most frequent questions from pages headlines

The following information box displays the most common questions used in the headlines of the page. 

The tool analyses every search result and extracts the information found in the HTML tags H1 and H2.

Then it is grouping the most common questions. You can understand what the articles are speaking about and what are the most common questions they answer. 

You can as well copy this information to your clipboard and share it with your content writers.

Most frequent questions from pages headlines

Analyse blog comments and find a content gap

When an article or blog post has a comment section and contains questions from the visitors, thruuu extracts all the questions and displays them. 

The questions found in a blog section can help you to identify a content gap. Indeed when someone asks a question, it means that the information is missing on the page. 

Use this information wisely to craft your next piece of content.

Comment questions

Get all the FAQ Schema on the SERP

Do you know what a FAQ Schema is? Google displays from time to time a list of questions and answers below a search result. 

This information is created by the website owner and is available inside a meta tag on the page. 

With thruuu, you can extract all the FAQ schema – even those not displayed on the SERP. Indeed, thruuu is visiting every single page and getting this information just for you.

Get all the FAQ Schema on the SERP

Get started with thruuu and get a ton of questions ideas for your SEO 

To start with thruuu, you can create an account. It’s free