What is thruuu?

thruuu is a free SEO tool, and it will help you with copywriting for the web.

With thruuu, you can get a Google SERP analyzer for free.

In one sight, you can get a complete and detailed overview of the top 100 results on Google Search (SERP) for any keywords.

With the insights provided by thruuu, you could improve your SEO copywriting and produce memorable pieces of content and rank first.

thruuu - free SEO Tool - competition analysis

thruuu is extracting relevant content like the titles, headlines, and meta-data from the web pages on the Google Search and giving you additional information about the topics covered and keywords.

Data scraping will help you with competitive analysis. You can understand why these pages are ranking first, what topics they are covering, and what content gap you could fill.

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How can thruuu help you?

Are you looking to generate organics traffic from your content marketing? thruuu will help you.

One of the most effective SEO tactic to rank first with content is to write a thorough and in-depth blog post.

If you want to produce a definitive or complete guide, you have to answer the most critical questions people are looking for and offer an extensive view on the topic.

thruuu will help you to get a quick overview of the SERP and its content. You will instantly analyze the central theme and sub-topics of each pages ranking first.

The main features of thruuu include: 

  • An overview of the top 100 results for a search query 
  • A detailed review of each page of the SERP
  • Information about word counts, images, last update, presence of featured snipped and other statistics
  • Comparison and keywords density of titles, descriptions, and headings
  • Related search and most asked questions
  • Export of all the SERP content in an Excel file
thruuu - free SEO Tool - SERP Statistic

Write for SEO with thruuu

Learn how to write for SEO and create worthy content that will improve your click-through rate with thruuu.

Do you want to rank first for a specific topic? Start by entering your focus keyword and analyze the competition.

You can quickly review and compare the essential information of each page of the SERP.

thruuu - free SEO Tool - review the SERP

Start by organizing your copy by looking at the topics and keywords. You can understand how each element of the top pages are structured.

thruuu - free SEO Tool - keywords density

Download a complete extract of the data found on the page, including title, headlines, description, related searches, and questions.

Leverage the topics and start creating something better and more complete.

thruuu - free SEO Tool - Excel Export

With thruuu, the process is straightforward.

  • Research for a trending topic with a good volume of monthly searches
  • Analyze the SERP and its content for search queries related to your topic
  • Leverage the content and start creating something better and more complete
thruuu - free SEO Tool - Write for SEO Process

Start working with thruuu for free

Start using thruuu for free at https://app.samuelschmitt.com/