This is not a blog about unicorns

Do you like unicorns?

Unicorns live in the wonderful world of digital clouds or “the cloud.” They crave knowledge and love to read and share about digital marketing.

They want to attract “their audience” to their websites with inbound strategies and SEO.

And to set up their “strategies”, unicorns use tools that are called by ordinary people marketing technologies.

But unicorns prefer to talk about Martech and SaaS.

In the end, the unicorns want your wellbeing. They want to give you an excellent user experience and to convert you into a beautiful unicorn.

Then you will spread the “word of mouth” (or viva voce if you are a smarty pants), and we will all become unicorns.

A brand new free SEO tool to try out

thruuu is a free SEO tool and it will help you with copywriting.

thruuu is a free SEO tool that scrapes and analyzes Google’s SERP.

At a glance, you can get a complete overview of the top 100 results on the Google search engine (SERP) for any keywords.

thruuu extracts relevant content such as titles, descriptions, and other meta-data from web pages and provides additional information about topics and keywords.

Everything is exportable in an Excel file. So you’ll understand why some pages rank first on Google and what topics are covered.

And did I tell you? It’s free! (I even do not collect your email).

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