In 2019, we started a crazy project with other marketing technologists.

Our goal was:

  • Discovering hidden marketing technologies tools
  • Building country Country Marketing Technology Landscapes

Under the lead of Frans Riemersma and his MartechTribe, we have launched six New Country Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphics of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. 

This initiative has unveiled 68% undiscovered tools!

I was in charge of the Swiss Martech Landscape.

Discover all the Swiss-Made Marketing Technologies

To find all the martech tools from Switzerland, we started from the Martech5000 from Scott Brinker.

Only 17 swiss tools were present there.

Then we scraped all the companies and software listing, and as well contacted startups incubators in Switzerland to find new tools and other great products.

Finally, in the Swiss Martech Landscape, you will find 50 tools – 60% more than in the Martech5000.

Switzerland Marketing Technology Landscape, the website dedicated to the Swiss Martech Technologies

Besides the current my personal site, I’m also managing the website

It is the best place if you want to learn about all the Swiss Martech tools.

By looking at, you will find statistics about Swiss Martech Landscape.

statistics about Swiss Martech Landscape

And on top of this, Swiss vendors regularly published detailed articles about their tools.

Have a look at the website, and you will discover:

  • A tool turning Gmail into a full productive suite for project management, marketing, and sales.
  • Many tools using Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions faster or to automate digital content for your marketing.
  • The most famous tool for meeting planning or poll is Swiss-made (and it is generating more than 100’000 organic visitors per month to its website).

Stay tuned

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