Thank you dear contributors

thruuu is a personal project and I’m working mostly alone on this project – and by night.

My goal is to offer a great tool for free to the SEO community. Or at least try to do the best I can.

Some awesome people from the SEO world offered some support, and I would like to name the main contributors.

Rory Truesdale

Some SEO articles gave me the inspiration to build thruuu. These articles were about the understanding of the user intent through the analysis of the SERP.

These articles were from Rory Truesdale.

More than giving me inspiration, Rory was the first presenting my tool during a SEO event – SearchLove.

Mister Ohki from Japan

Ohki was the first person in Japan sharing my tool. He found my tool after reading an article on the event SearchLove and ended up looking at Rory presentation… and found my tool.

And then he offered me the translation in Japan and supported the Japanese community with questions.

The flap of a butterfly’s wings in London set off a tornado in Tokyo. The tools has been tested by thousands of Japanese SEOs since then.

Checkout his website about SEO.

Vladimír Pilný

Vlad is an SEO enthusiast from the Czech Republic, and as well offered me the translation in his mother tong – Czech.

Checkout his website. He is speaking about various topic from the digital space.

Thinh Bui

Thinh is from Viet Nam, and also discovered thruuu while navigating on Twitter.

He offered the Vietnamese version of thruuu.

His website is minimalist, but you can have a look at his bio.

Gustavo Pelogia

Gustavo Pelogia is a Brazilian SEO based in Dublin. He contacted me once on Twitter and offered some support for the project.

He translated everything to Brazilian Portuguese. This is really cool.

We enjoyed similar topics like blogging about SEO and Inbound.

Jens Polomski

Jens is a Marketing nerd like me and like to playing with martech tools.

He told me that he is sad that he cannot code. I told him I’m sad for him because we could have develop some line of code together.

Jens has released a great website, listing his favorite marketing tools. Obviously he didn’t forget to mention thruuu.

Fraser McCulloch

Fraser McCulloch is the owner of Platonik, a digital marketing expert focused on keyword research for the planning of websites and content.

Fraser also offer video training courses about SEO, and in one of his lesson he is mentioning thruuu. Really cool.

Romaric Chardonneau

Romaric is the co-founder of an IT training and consultancy company based in Switzerland focusing on Agile and modern IT Service Management.

Romaric is also my first fan on LinkedIn, and the first to like any post about thruuu or any other topic.

I’m sad when I dont get a like from Romaric – it’s like if something was missing.

Gerardo Liceras

Gerardo translated everything to Spanish. Gracias!

He is an engineer, not a SEO expert anymore. He enjoyed SEO a lot when things were much easier back in 2003/2004.

He is also running a family business website with and

Paul Baikovski

The russian translation has been done by Paul.

He is a SEO expert working with GanttPRO for about 1.5 years. If you are interested in project management tool, you can have a look at this Gantt chart template.

Jarek Kiliński

Jarek is from Poland and offered the Polish translation of thruuu.

He is also working in the SEO space for several year, and if you need help with search engine optimisation, you can visit his website.

Itamar Blauer

Itamar is an SEO expert in London. He was very kind to invite me on his Youtube Channel to speak about the new version of thruuu released in February 2021.

On top of this, Itamar helped me to pronounce correctly the word “SCRAPE ( /skreɪp/)” in English… As a Frenchie, I was more saying something like “scrapeuuuu”…

Charles MIGAUD

Charles is one of France’s leading SEO specialists, based in Lille. Thanks to his international experience in agency and in-house for one of the world’s leading cloud provider, he has built up an excellent reputation for delivering organic growth for his clients. He is also convinced that content quality is one of the most important ranking factors. Thruuu help him a lot in his daily SEO work. One of my first users, customer and Thruuu ambassador!

Take a look at his website or simply share a coffee with him