In 2019, we started a crazy project with other marketing technologists.

Our goal was:

  • Discovering hidden marketing technologies tools
  • Building country Country Marketing Technology Landscapes

Under the lead of Frans Riemersma and his MartechTribe, we have launched six New Country Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphics of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. 

This initiative has unveiled 68% undiscovered tools!

I helped with the development of the French Martech Landscape.

Discover all the French-Made Marketing Technologies

To find all the martech tools from France, we started from the Martech5000 from Scott Brinker, and as well from the work initiated by Richard Rodrigues.

Indeed, between the two of them they had already discovered 160 marketing technologies made in France.

Then we scraped the web and searched in company listings and also contacted start-up incubators in order to find interesting new tools.

Finally, in the France Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic you will find 212 tools, 30% more than in the Martech5000 and Richard Rodrigues’ list.

French Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Building a marketing stack “Made in France”

Today there are more than 200 French marketing technologies.

Is it possible to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to loyalty, with a 100% French-Made marketing stack?

The answer is yes, you can build a marketing stack 100% Made In France.

Depending on your company’s strategy and your target audience, you may need to choose a specific set of tools. Nevertheless, all the major categories of the French Supergraphic offer what you need:

  • Content and experience: Establish the foundation of your content strategy and deliver your key messages through a variety of channels.
  • Sales and commerce: Effectively manage your marketing and sales pipeline.
  • Data and optimization: Understand the performance of your campaigns and improve your actions.
  • Management: Align your teams with your processes.

I tried this exercise and I designed an “inbound” marketing stack composed only of French technologies.

You can see the final result below and, for more details, you can read the article on “How to attract, engage and delight customers with tools made in France“.

Building a marketing stack "Made in France"


Special thanks to Frans Riemersma.

Together with the MartechTribe team, they explored the web to collect marketing tools and involved me in this journey.