Ampstor is a free graphic design templates and no-code editor to easily create your visual web stories for Google. You can start from a template and design a story for mobile and desktop while using a drag and drop editor.

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What is Ampstor?

Ampstor is a no-code web app where you can build or edit interactive AMP Stories with zero code in a couple of minutes.

Ampstor is a no-code web app AMP Stories in a couple of minutes.

Ampstor offers a set of options to create and publish AMP stories.

Content publishers can visualize their content in this format by choosing one of the three options:

  1. Custom mode (BETA) – users can fully edit stories or create new ones from scratch.
  2. Easy mode – users have limited editing abilities and use pre-built templates.
  3. Convert from a link (Work in Progress ) – users can convert other pages to AMP Stories.

The goal of Ampstor is to build awareness of the new format and utilize features that can help users see the value and how powerful it is to promote their brand with AMP stories.

The team behind Ampstor

The company is fully distributed with people working from Europe and the USA.

All of them are excited about new technologies and building products. Most of the team members have a history of launching products, and the Ampstor tool was an idea worth merging their efforts.

The technologies for the tool are AMP and Flutter. Another challenge is to build the first Flutter web app that can easily create and publish AMP Stories.

What are the key benefits and features of Ampstor?

Ampstor enables a way for content publishers to independently publish their stories and be creative by utilizing beautiful templates, and features that don’t require for them to code.

Pre-built templates tested for several devices

The AMP Story is more than a piece of content, it is a responsive format, and it must be tested for multiple more devices and screen resolution

Ampstor has a solution for multidevice testing with the Easy Mode. In this mode, you have access to multiple templates that have been already tested for various screens and devices. 

Finally, you can focus on the creation of AMP Stories. Ampstor is taking care of the rest and publish responsive visual stories within minutes.

Pre-built templates tested for several devices with Ampstor - AMP Stories

Transfer your stories to hosting websites

Currently, Ampstor has an FTP option that enables the users to upload files to different hosting sites, including WordPress. Direct integration with other CMSs is in the works.

A team always here for you

Any ideas or suggestion are welcome. Just hit the feedback button from the tool interface and tell the team how the tool could be improved.

Users can still send a message to the team on

Features List of Ampstor

In a nutshell, the main features of Ampstor:

  • Pre-built templates tested on 30+ devices
  • Free Media libraries 
  • Branding presets for brands 
  • In-app preview mode (you can see how your story will look like in more than ten devices)
  • Free hosting and storage of your stories
  • Google analytics integration
  • SEO meta tags 
  • Extract JSON/HTML and FTP hosting options
  • Preview of bookend
  • UI with dark and light mode

Pricing of Ampstor

Ampstor provides an entirely free model to create AMP Stories.

Anybody can start creating his first stories with the “Easy” mode. There will be paid features in the future for advanced scenarios.

Ampstor provides an entirely free model to create AMP Stories.

Who is using Ampstor

The tool is developed for a wide range of users: SMB, independent content publishers, influencers, Vloggers, DIY makers, media outlets.

Overall, the ideal user doesn’t want to bother with the development and testing of the stories. He wants to create a beautiful story quickly and publish it on the web.

AMPStor has been created to ease the story creation process and to solve several issues such as:

  • Lack of Coding knowledge
  • Difficulties in testing on multiple devices
  • Lack of design skills
  • SEO

What’s on the roadmap for Ampstor

Since the beginning, the team has designed the tool in a way that it can support multiple AMP products – such as email, websites, stories. 

AMP stories are just the beginning. The goal is to be the main tool for the creation of all options for the AMP web components.

The team at Ampstor want to empower its users. And will soon offer a new section on the website called #Growth.

From this section, companies can get ideas on how to make their AMP Stories stand out. 

Your first story with Ampstor

Go to and give the team your feedback on

You can as well send a message to or contact her on twitter @anitakirkovska.

You first story with Ampstor - AMP Stories

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