MakeStories is one the of Web Stories builder featured by Google.

The tool is a drag-drop, zero code AMP Stories builder with 75+ features. Once the story is created, you can publish to your WordPress or Drupal site, host it on their platform or download the code. And You can start for free.

Learn more about the Web Stories builder in this review.

What is MakeStories?

MakeStories is an end-to-end WYSIWYG editor for AMP Stories that helps non-coders build AMP Stories without writing a single line of code.

The reason MakeStories exists is to scale the format at speed like never before. MakeStories team does not expect publishers to code or hire dedicated developers for building AMP Stories.   

Also, companies might not be aware of topics such as “monetization” or “engagement” with Stories. Therefore MakeStories can support them.

The vision of MakeStoties is to help companies by reducing the time needed to produce AMP Stories.

What are the key benefits and features of MakeStories?

Build a story within 15 minutes

By using MakeStories, you can produce AMP Stories at record-breaking speed. The aim is to allow users to build the AMP Stories within 15 minutes.

Currently, users of MakeStories spend about 2-3 hrs to produce an incredible story.

A complete editing interface

The team has built a story editor that allows the users to create AMP Stories and leverage (almost) every features from the offer by the AMP Stories framework.

MakeStories is all about simplicity. Using MakeStories can be a bit difficult at first. But once you get a hold of it, it’s so easy for you to build AMP Stories.

Start from one of the 500+ templates

MakeStories offers about 500+ templates. Apart from that, you can also design your own templates with a very easy-to-use drag & drop interface.

Integrate with your website

You can export all of the stories and also integrate them with WordPress or transfer to your website using FTP access.

Great customer support

MakeStories support their customers over Live Chat, Ticket & Twitter DM.

Features List of MakeStories

In a nutshell, the main features of MakeStories:

  • High Quality HTML / CSS
  • Export minified and un-minified versions of HTML / CSS
  • Huge library of stock images 
  • Free 3d Illustrations, icons 
  • Google fonts library
  • Component animation 
  • Inbuilt bookend builder 
  • Page attachments 
  • Call-To-Action buttons

Who is using Make Stories?

The ideal customer: Anyone who wants to build an AMP Story is a perfect customer. It could be a freelancer or a Fortune 500 company.

Companies such as The United Nations or Oui.SNCF have trusted MakeStories. Few publishers in Asia are also using the tool to create stories.

Each MakeStories customers can create AMP Stories at scale with zero knowledge of coding.

Pricing model of MakeStories?

MakeStories is free to use for the moment. A paid version will come in 2020, but the model has not been disclosed yet.

Your first story with MakeStories

Start your first story with MakeStories and sign up here.

You can contact the team for more information or call them at +1 877 992 7866 (U.S. Toll-Free) // +91 97692 69685 ( Intl ).

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