Web Stories created by Once are specifically designed for interactions (polls, free text inputs, sliders…). With Once you can deliver an immersive mobile-first experience to your audience.

Learn more about the Web Stories builder in this review.

What is Once?

Once is a story editor to create interactive stories on the web. Once allows the users to:

  • Create immersive stories on the web with pre-designed templates and blocks.
  • Share stories on any browser or device with a URL – stories are not limited to native apps.
  • Gather actionable user data through its interactive features: polls, sliders, inputs, etc.

The idea was to take the story format out of these apps and out of the personal realm. Once is contributing to the democratization of enhanced stories onto the web with interactive elements, and adapting it to business use cases.

The team at Once is French, and the company is incubated at E-founders startup studio in Paris. Their journey started in 2019.

What are the key benefits and features of Once?

The main difference of Once against the other AMP Stories Builders is that you can create stories that are interactives.

The users can create a story by adding several elements such as Text, Image, Media, Embed or Stickers on the pages.

On top of this, it is possible to add engagement elements such as polls, open questions, CTAs.

With Once, you will gather insights from your audience through an immersive mobile-first experience.

Engage and get answers

The engagement features of Once let you interact with your audience through an immersive mobile-first experience.

You can place various elements on the page of the story, such as:

  • Single choice element
  • Multi-select element
  • Free text
  • Click to action
Once - Engage and get answers

With this mechanism, it will be easier to gather feedback or even collect contact information and the emails of your prospects or customers.

All the information are stored within the application dashboard and can be retrieved.

Analyze and understand your customer

Once offered some great analytics information about the number of views and completion of the stories. You can see the level of engagement of your audience.

The data gathered via the engagement form are also available, and you can even export them in a CSV format.

Once - Analyze and understand your customer

Who are the ideal customers of Once?

Direct-to-consumer companies are the ideal customers of Once. They can use the stories format and the engagement options to interact directly with their consumers and establish a relationship.

Interaction is key for Direct-to-consumer marketing. Such companies are always looking for a new and innovative way to “speak” with their clients

Pricing of Once

Once is still free for the moment. The pricing model will be a freemium model.

What are the next great features coming soon for Once?

Once will continue to develop the stories editor by offering templates to create beautiful interactive stories easily.

More engagement elements will be available such as polls, video, audio, a calendly integration and more embeds.

Your first story with Once

You can sign up here and join the Slack channel for any questions.

Your first story with Once

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