Tappable is a story building tool that allows users to build responsive mini-websites—optimized for mobile—in a couple of hours. No coding required. Tappable positioning themselves as a tool for SME to enterprise in media and marketing.

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What is Tappable

Tappable is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build mobile websites that look exactly like (Instagram) Stories, without a single line of coding. 

Create immersive and engaging content in a format that is loved and used by more than 1,5 billion people every single day. Findable, linkable and shareable on the web.

Tappable is a Belgian family startup that wants to significantly improve user experience with content on mobile devices by means of data and technology. 

Tappable is the result of 2 years’ working in Kenya around efficient mobile communication with young customers on mobile devices. 

See how AMP Stories help the early users of Tappable to gain huge engagement in the presentation at the AMPConf organized by Google in Tokyo in April 2019.

What are the key benefits and features of Tappable?

Tappable helps media companies and brands increase engagement with their audience on mobile devices.

Concretely this results in higher conversion rates and ultimately, sales.

Standalone CMS and hosting platform

Tappable was built from the ground up to support teams to create qualitative content in AMP Stories format.

The product is a standalone CMS and hosting platform for AMP Stories.

Features list of Tappable

In a nutshell, the main features of Tappable:

  • Collaborative editing within workspaces
  • Brand assets library (colours, fonts, assets, templates,…)
  • Easy to use grid-based visual editor
  • Rich text editor allowing mixing fonts, sizes, colours and alignments
  • Header tags for optimized SEO
  • Smart optimization of all image and video assets
  • Delivery through a global CDN with points of presence worldwide
  • Use your own domain
  • No code whatsoever

Who is the ideal customers of Tappable?

Tappable has been developed to answer the needs of businesses.

The ideal companies can be a publisher, a brand and an agency from SMB to enterprise.

Tappable is solving the need for both brands and publishers to efficiently create, publish and deliver immersive and engaging content for their audience on smartphones.

Content that increases their conversion rates and ultimately their revenue.

Pricing of Tappable

A tiered SaaS pricing model will be deployed at full-out launch.

Your first story with Tappable

You can sign up for early access on https://tappable.co/ or contact the team for more information.

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