Viqeo is an All-in-One Video Platform offering feature to create Web Stories.

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What is Viqeo Stories Studio? 

Viqeo Stories Studio simplifies omnichannel stories creation by using customizable templates and both horizontal/vertical previews to make a story for all social networks & AMP Stories at once.

Viqeo started in 2018 as a video illustration platform for digital media publishers such as Hearst, Burda, Axel Springer to illustrate articles with videos, but later expanded to full-stack video platform for video creation, distribution & monetization. 

Sergei (CEO & co-founder) has 10+ adtech & product development experience.

What are the key features of Viqeo?

Viqeo Stories Studio simplifies stories creation by using customizable templates.

The user can start from existing web articles, and the tool will extract images, videos, text automatically to speed up the creation process.

On top of this, Viqeo offers an easy way to create AMP Stories with a built-in video editor.

The stories are hosted on the platform. By a simple copy-paste, you could embed the story on your site with by pasting embed code.

Features list of Viqeo

  • Template-based approach
  • Convert articles to stories in a semi-automatic way
  • Monetize AMP Stories & Stories on your website
  • Horizontal and Vertical preview
  • Export to AMP, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat in different screen ratios
  • Embed stories to any websites and monetize them with video ads

Who is using Viqeo?

Digital media publishers and large entreprise are the ideal customers of Viqeo. They need to create rich stories and for different media channels.

Pricing of Viqeo

Viqeo has a freemium model with several tiers.

  • Free version with limitations
  • Free business version for digital media with monetization
  • Pro version (19$)
  • Business Version (99$)
  • Enterprise (call them for more information)

What are the next great features coming soon for Viqeo?

The team will continue to improve the UX/UI of the tool and add more default templates, and more features such as:

  • Analytics support
  • Monetization set up for AMP Stories
  • More themes & animations
  • Quick text addition if the story is created from an article
  • Free video/photo libraries
  • Video tutorials

Your first story with Viqeo

Viqeo is not open yet to everyone. If you want to try, you can contact the team.

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