Visual Stories is a website builder that supports the creation of both AMP pages and AMP Stories.

The platform lets you create content in the immersive AMP Stories format and submit your work on multiple websites from a single place. You can create beautiful AMP Stories in minutes, using their one-of-a-kind Story Builder tool.

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What is VisualStories

VisualStories is a complete solution for digital marketers offering many features.

On one side, the tool is a website and AMP-PWA builder. It is a no-code solution to get a visual blog on a sub-domain of any website.

You can also start a brand new website with Visual Stories and get it fully managed with automatic updates. 

On the other side, VisualStories is also an AMP Stories discovery platform where you can publish guest stories and blogs.

VisualStories is owned by Buzzle Software Solutions and based in India.

VisualStories - AMP Stories

What are the key benefits and features of VisualStories?

Visual Stories gives a no-code solution to integrate AMP Stories feature on websites without any technical hassles, and for free. 

The Visual Story Builder has been developed to give an intuitive interface and lets anybody create Stories in minutes.

The user can design his first Stories by selecting one of the several pre-designed templates.

Media libraries of over a million images 

With Visual Story, you have free access to a library of over a million pictures and videos.

You can find as well several music files and pre-designed templates that help you magnify your stories.

Media libraries of over a million images  - AMP Stories

Visual Stories Network

Content marketers can leverage the Story Builder tool to write promotional content in the Stories format. 

They can write content on multiple websites from a single place and thus expand their visibility.

These multiple sites are linked together and form an extensive network. Together, they form the largest AMP Stories discovery platform.

Anybody starting a website/blog with Visual Stories can add his website and AMP Stories to the Visual Stories Network.

Online training 

The team at VisualStories provides customers with an elaborate online training of creating Stories with the Visual Story Builder. 

For any technical help, customers can communicate with the Visual Stories tech team over email or through Facebook messenger or Twitter.

Features list of VisualStories

  • Free Media Libraries: access to a vast image library of over 600,000 assets
  • Create Your Own Media Library: You can also upload images and videos in a dedicated library.
  • CTA: You can add call-to-action buttons in your Stories.
  • Layouts and Animations: A built-in animations for text and images guarantee unique user experience.
  • Templates: Several pre-designed templates can help start the creative flow.
  • Write for Multiple Websites: You can publish Stories on multiple websites in the Visual Stories Network.
  • Widget: Stories created using the Visual Story Builder can be integrated on any other page with the help of the Widget feature.
Features list of VisualStories - AMP Stories

Who is using VisualStories

VisualStories will interest anyone or any companies that are looking to expand reach and visibility online.

Here some of the main profiles, businesses or individuals that are the ideal users of VisualStories.


Established publishers looking for a no-code solution to integrate AMP Stories feature on their website and start leveraging this content format.

Businesses who wish to build an online presence

Businesses looking to get into visual content or looking for a visual blogging tool to enhance their online presence with engaging content.

Visual Stories gives them a no-code solution to start a new website and create content in the Stories format with the help of the Visual Story Builder.

Content Marketers

Content Marketers can harness the Visual Story Builder to create and publish Stories on multiple high-authority websites in the Visual Stories Network from a single place.


Individuals who wish to create content in the AMP Stories format to earn web audience.


Individuals looking to start their own visual website to expand their reach on the web by gaining search traffic.

AMP Stories featured on 1500 websites with VisualStories

The team at VisualStories has implemented the AMP Stories format on 1500 websites and for several industries:

The teams working for these websites were given technical help as well as training of the Visual Story Builder and guidance about design, SEO and the creating and editing of Stories.

AMP Stories featured on 1500 websites with VisualStories

Pricing of VisualStories 

There is a free option and there are two paid options for a maximum amount of USD 20 per month.

More detail about the pricing here.

What is on the Roadmap for VisualStories

The tool will follow the evolution of the AMP Stories framework, and for instance implement different card types.

The Visual Story Builder will evolve to get more features such that the interface is easier to use and a Story creator gets a hassle-free and richer experience when creating Stories.

Visual Stories Network will expand to include more websites from different niches, thus serving as a bigger platform for content marketing and distribution.

Your first story with VisualStories

 Sign up with Visual Stories and you will get access to the Story Builder. 

And for more information you can contact the team.

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