Elevate engagement with storytelling; this is what you can read on StorifyMe website.

The solution is offering a great way to create Web Stories (or AMP Stories) and publish them on your website site and other channels.

In the following review, you will see how you can drive loyalty, engagement, and conversion and generate more traffic with web stories content.

What is StorifyMe?

StorifyMe is a storytelling platform for creating and distributing web stories on social networks and the open web (basically your website). 

By crafting fast-loading, captivating and compelling mobile-first experiences and sharing everywhere a well-known story format, StorifyMe provides digestible and high converting storytelling content for various kinds of businesses.  

What is StorifyMe?

How can StorifyMe help you? 

StorifyMe is an interesting Web Stories Builder because it works for several businesses and uses cases.

The web story platform covers the main steps of marketing campaigns:

  • creating content, 
  • distributing it 
  • and analyzing it. 

It allows quick and easy fine-tuning of the campaigns to extract as much revenue and conversion rate as possible.

The web story platform covers the main steps of marketing campaigns.

So far, there are probably four most essential use cases and ways how StorifyMe platform can get your brand to grow.

Sell more products online with Web Stories

E-commerce can see their sales activities growing by leveraging web stories and the StorifyMe solution. 

Here a few examples of what the solution offers to online merchants:

  • Sales features as product tagging, CTAs and QR codes enables fast purchases 
  • Story highlight widget feature can be added to the online store and website for flashing product all the time 
  • Stories as highly effective micro landing pages – saves time, money and delivers better mobile results 
  • Powerful e-commerce integrations for better customer experience 
  • E-commerce native support

Sell more products online with Web Stories

StorifyMe, the best partner of the marketing agencies

Marketing agencies willing to develop Web Stories could leverage the solution and manage the stories of their clients in a central place.

Stories could is an excellent way to build a complete funnel, from awareness to conversion.

Additionally, agencies can enjoy more features of StorifyMe, such as:

  • A/B testing possibilities, smart measuring and learning
  • Different monetizing possibilities 
  • Ability to manage multiple clients at the same time 
  • Branding assets 

Publishers and Web Stories

The key users of Web Stories are the publishers. It allows them to transform into a more digestible one – or snackable 😉

A joint study from Forrester and Google says that “64% of customers prefer the tappable mobile web story format over its scrolling article equivalent.”

StorifyMe helps publisher with re-energized new storytelling content and capabilities such as:

  • SEO benefits and better visibility in Google Search Visual Stories section 
  • Two formats of stories including the AMP format
  • New revenue stream using story highlights widget for sponsored content on websites/portals 
  • Adjustable level of interactive details 
SEO benefits and better visibility in Google Search Visual Stories section

Spice up your blog with web stories

Bloggers, influencers, storytellers must embrace web stories and extend their content format and website.

StorifyMe can help them bring their brand to the next level:

  • With complete ownership of the content and the possibilities to monetize it
  • Broaden their reach by publishing stories not only on social media but on the open web
  • Stories for affiliate activities 
  • Testing of the content before the launch 
Broaden their reach by publishing stories not only on social media but on the open web

Engage with personalized stories

Personalization is a fantastic feature brought by StorifyMe.

You can create a unique experience for your customer and tailored the content to his specific need.

An audience overview panel let you understand how each person engaged with the stories. It will help you create sharp follow-up campaigns. 

One more thing, you import lists from your marketing automation or CRM into StorifyMe and send dedicated web stories.

Rating with webstories

The storytelling flow with StorifyMe

Playing with creative contexts and visual content seems to be more than just an entertaining or brand awareness process. Converting visitors into customers is the primary purpose of the solution. 

StorifyMe developed a way to circle and visualize the whole marketing funnel from a story standpoint.

First, it offers robust branding tools to establish a unique and consistent brand identity. 

After setting it up, you can surprise your clients with stunning templates and introduce your business in the best manner. Many editing tools are there to help you out. 

Your next slide could be a poll or a questionnaire with a compelling context where you can engage them. 

Then, you can lead your audience to a next slide action as a landing page. 

There you can include all the page elements you need:

  • Countdown element to gifs
  • CTA,
  • open question boxes 
  • and more

StorifyMe team shared an interesting statistic: Story landing page convert by 67%.

On top of all of the above, stories can be personalized with StorifyMe. 

Thanks to this, you have a great chance to gain a loyal customer or to increase retention. 

Finally, you have access to an analytics section and see the detailed data and interaction of every slide and see which part needs to be optimized.

If you take the right steps and optimize it the right way, good results are more likely to appear immediately. 

And this can be pretty much the highlight of this platform – Interactive, interesting and saving a lot of time and resources in the creation process. 

The storytelling flow with StorifyMe

Top benefits of StorifyMe

In a nutshell:

  • Providing straightforward consuming narrative that catches the attention 
  • Easy creation of stories (by using drag and drop editor rich with many media files and templates) 
  • Provoking engagement with interactive, engaging elements 
  • Fast converting with unique product tagging feature and CTA links within story slides
  • More purchases with better product showcase 
  • Getting ratings and feedbacks on your products/services 
  • Greater reach by sharing web stories everywhere on the web 
  • Winning customer’s trust and loyalty by listening and interaction with them 
  • Improved retention – by hitting customers with personalized narratives for each one of them 
  • SEO benefits – highlighted in SERPs
  • Excellent insights from powerful and native integrated analytics
  • A super full suite of integrations within the platform  
  • Not necessarily integrated into website/online shop 

StorifyMe is the only web story platform with significant e-commerce possibilities and enterprise-ready features such as audit log, GDPR compliance, localization, custom domains, custom audiences, privacy configuration, API access, white label.  

The team at StorifyMe is as well working on native integrations with major technology vendors (SAP, Adobe) to make the platform the perfect choice for almost every businesses.

native integrations with major technology vendors

Pricing of StorifyMe

StorifyMe offers a freemium model.

You can start for free, and create unlimited stories with a maximum of 1000 views per month. It is perfect if you want to start the format and develop a content strategy around web stories.

For advanced users and businesses, you have two paid tiers for USD 29 and USD 99, offering you more features such as the engagements elements.

Pricing of StorifyMe

Your first story with StorifyMe

If you want to create similar stories than the one below, visit the StorifyMe website and tell me a story.

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