Web Stories Today is a professional no-code story online builder to create your visual Web Stories for Google easily. 

The platform also makes sure your stories get reach, and you can make videos out of them.

Learn more about the Web Stories builder in this review.

What is Web Story Today?

Web Story Today is a professional no-code platform where you can build or edit interactive AMP Stories with zero code in a couple of minutes.

As building stories is only one facet of a successful content strategy, the platform makes sure the stories are available on many platforms, including Google Discover, Google Search, Facebook Messenger, LINE Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Flipboard, Pinterest and more.

Web Stories Today offers options to have your stories available on the platform:

  • Upload your existing Google Web Stories
  • Builder: Content creators have a super-easy to use builder, optimized for SEO and Speed
  • Hemmingway: A tool to create web stories from existing blog articles (currently is small close beta)
What is Web Story Today?

The team behind Web Story Today

The platform is based in Switzerland, and the team is in Belgium and India. It consists of IT experts and content creators.

Of course, the technologies used are AMP by Google and the .Net Core framework for the platform and the integrations with the other platforms.

What are the key benefits and features of Web Story Today?

Web Stories Today is more than a Story builder. The key benefits are the following.

Your stories are available outside your website and on Google Discover

As users have so much content to discover, creators and brands should bring their content to them and not simply hope the reader will find the content.

Stories added to the platform will be distributed to Google Discover, Google Search, WebStories.Today, FB Messenger, Telegram, LINE Messenger, SLACK, Android, Pinterest, Flipboard, Browser Extension, Twitter and more networks.

Your stories are available outside your website and on Google Discover

From a Web Story to a Video

An image is worth a thousand words. For a video, multiply that by another thousand.

Video marketing is a powerful form of marketing that effectively engages your audience as a part of your marketing campaigns. 

Instagram announced that their algorithm would promote and push their native short-form video content, Reels. YouTube Shorts Tops 5 Trillion Views to Date

With the Web Stories to Video feature, a video is automatically generated once a Story is created. 

Then you can edit and fine-tune the video or upload it to YouTube Short, Reels, TikTok, or even use it on your website.

Download a standalone version of your web story

Creators can choose between hosting the web story on our platform for free or hosting it outside our platform. 

Users can download the visual story as a standalone file, including an HTML version as a base for their blog article.

Features List of Web Stories Today

In a nutshell, the main features of Web Stories Today:

  • Branding presets for brands 
  • In-app preview mode (you can see what your story will look like)
  • Free hosting and storage of your stories
  • Google AdSense integration (Ad revenue goes 100% to the creator)
  • Google analytics integration
  • SEO meta tags, including LD+Json 
  • Create Video from your Story
  • Download stand-alone version 
  • Download HTML version of your story
  • Swipe Up, Including extra pictures, links, video
  • Distribution + Reach for the Web Stories
  • Social Media Link (Icon like FB, IG, YT icon) with a link to a web story, showcasing the latest web stories of the creator  Example
  • Add a link to the creator’s newsletter
  • Add a link to support the creator (Patreon, CashApp, PayPal,…)

Pricing of Web Stories Today

Web Stories Today provides currently two plans, a 1x lifetime for $12 and a subscription for $29.90/year.

The main differences are that the Lifetime plan cancels automatically after three months of inactivity, no paid promotions, and a max of 4 web stories/month.

You can create an account for free, no credit card needed, try out the builder and other features. 

Only when the user wants to publish a plan is needed.

Who is using Web Stories Today?

The tool is developed for creators and brands, influencers, bloggers and media agencies.

Content creators should not be focusing on the technical stuff. With Web Stories Today, they will save a lot of time and focus on their content strategy.

What’s on the roadmap for Web Stories Today?

The vision is to become the Medium or YouTube for Web Stories, showcasing with top brands that Web Stories has a huge potential in the marketing strategy.

More features will be published to speed up content creation and automate the creation of a web story from a blog post.

Your first story with Web Story

Go to https://webstories.today/ check out the use-cases, features and create an account.

You can also send a message to feedback@webstories.today or contact them on Twitter @WebStoriesToday.

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