You are an SEO expert, copywriter, digital marketing, or journalist and producing quality content that ranks well on Google is at the top of your agenda.

Analyzing the SERP and the top pages, and understanding the users intent is crucial for your creative process and SEO activities. 

You would like to extract the content from the search result page and leverage the collected insights.

One problem: You don’t have any coding skill and don’t want to start learning Python today. 

Well, it’s your lucky day. 

With thruuu, a free SEO tool, you can analyze up to 100 pages of the Google SERP, and extract (without any line of code) all the key information. 

And this in less than 30 seconds.

Scrape Google to get content insights 

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of creating articles and pages to rank these pieces of content at the top positions on Google (and other search engines.)

The entire SEO process involves many activities such as keywords research, competition analysis, content marketing, link building, content promotion, and many more.

Understanding the SERP, and moreover, understanding the pages ranking at the top organic positions is essential.

This knowledge will support you with the preparation work and content marketing tasks.

Quote from Rory Truesdale – Mining the SERP for SEO, Content & Customer Insights

Content scraping can be used for many things. Let’s review some uses cases together.

Sentiment analysis

The SERP is a mirror of the search intent.

Keep in mind that Google wants to deliver the best user experience and is here to answer any questions. 

Google is moving from a Search Engine to an Answer Engine. And the SERP is reflecting this mutation. 

With a thorough analysis, you will get the intention of the searchers. The what, why, and how behind every search queries.

Competitor analysis

The pages you find on the first page of Google are not here randomly. They semantically correspond to what the users are looking for. 

These pages contain all the ingredient to be at the top of Google SERP. 

By scraping the content, you will get the information about what makes these pages successful.

What topics they are covering. What key learnings they provide to the users. 

SEO Copywriting

Overall you have to produce a memorable piece of content. 

You have to offer your audience a great experience. Better than the other content and pages already available in the SERP.

This is the goal of SEO Copywriting.

The analysis of the search result pages will help you to understand what topics are covered, and what wording is used to communicate with the audience. 

By analyzing in detail each page of the SERP, you can identify gaps and produce a more in-depth content.

SEO Copywriting process

Get the SERP data in one click with thruuu

The goal of thruuu is to deliver a user-friendly way to access the critical information of the SERP. 

You don’t need to code in Python or use complex regex rules to scrape the data of each page. 

Enter one keyword and let thruuu scrape the web for you.

thruuu is scraping the SERP for you

Let’s go over the features offered by thruuu. 

Analyze up to 100 pages of the SERP from every location, language and search engine

It has been the most requested feature from the early users of thruuu. 

You can select the number of organic pages you want to analyze (up to 100) and also choose your location, language, and search engine.

Analyze up to 100 pages from every location, language and search engine with thruuu - Free SEO tool

Please note that the scraping process can take up to 30 seconds for one hundred pages. 

Understand the SERP Features of Google

Google is offering more than a simple listing of the pages to its users. The search experience has been enriched with additional search features.

With thruuu, you can see the detail of the SERP and some of its rich features, such as:

  • Featured Snippet
  • Top Stories
  • Videos
  • Questions
SERP Features of Google displayed by thruuu - Free SEO tool

For the top stories, each news is analyzed, and data are extracted.

Google top stories analyzed by thruuu - Free SEO tool

Discover multilingual websites 

You might don’t know that your competition is producing content for other regions.

Information about the multiple versions of a page for different languages or regions is now also retrieved by thruuu. 

The hreflang tags are extracted, and in the excel report, you will have access to the URL and detail of each translation.

hreflang tags are extracted by thruuu - Free SEO tool

Get more data in a complete excel export

In one click, you can download Google Search data in an excel file

Additional information and views are available in the export. By downloading the excel file, you will get:

  • A SERP overview, the pages type, and URLs
  • A side by side comparison of all pages.
  • One sheet per pages with the scrapped data.
  • All headlines for every page (H1, H2, H3)
  • Top Stories and news structure data
Scrape Google search results and export in Excel with thruuu - Free SEO Tool

The excel report is a great way to perform more analysis on the SERP information provided by thruuu.

What’s next: Ask the users of thruuu

The tool already got a warm welcome from the SEO experts community and exciting feedback. 

thruuu feedback from users

The roadmap and future features are defined based on users inputs. It is be the best way to deliver a tool that is useful for everyone.

And to name a few of the upcoming features: 

  • Mobile SERP analysis
  • More SERP features: FAQ, Reviews, Ads, Recipe
  • Improved UI and better mobile version
  • Page ranking and evolution of the SERP
  • Better insights

If you like thruuu, stay tuned and you will be informed as soon something new is out. 

And do not hesitate to drop a comment and ask for improvement or share any ideas.

You can try thruuu for free here.


  1. I am fed up with using so many tools to get one post live. Aren’t there any companies out there that have released a single app that can handle everything I need? The only alternative I’ve found til now is a tool called INK for All : Looks like it might be what I want. Any other tips? Trying it out myself…

  2. This is an awesome tool. Is there any limit to how many searches we can do? I need to search for 500 terms a day for 7 days.

  3. Hi, this is a super awesome tool! I’m not a developer, but I like to understand what is running behind the browser. In your article you mentioned Python.
    May I ask which languages are used to create a tool like this? How many coding hours to get these results?
    As I said, I’m not an expert, just curious and fascinated by those who can code!

  4. Hello Samuel. I stumbled on your site by pure luck while looking for ways to scrape with Google Sheets. Very happy to have found your page. I would like to second what UC is asking. This is a bit of a personal goal, but the tool you made is similar to a project that I’ve been wanting to duct-tape together as a way to learn to code. I know you can’t give up the recipe to your secret sauce, but any additional insights would be great. Keep up the great work on thruuu and the insightful blog posts.

  5. One tool that caught my attention is the video to text converter mentioned. It’s amazing how technology has advanced to make our lives easier and more efficient. With this converter, we can quickly and easily turn video content into text, making it easier to consume and analyze.

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