SEO copywriting could be summarized in writing for the web.

The copywriting method involves writing at the same time for people and search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO Copywriting important?

The main goal of writing for SEO is to rank your copy at the first positions in the Google Search result page, to generate traffic to your website. 

The visits generated from your blog posts will potentially drive more customers to your products or services.

In summary, what is SEO Copywriting and why it is needed?

  • You write a great piece of content optimized for a search query (“How to make a nice flower bouquet”)
  • Your content rank on the first page on Google for terms related to “flower bouquet
  • People visit your site and learn more about “making flower bouquet
  • Some of these visits will turn into customers and either order flowers online or visit your shop.

You understand that writing for SEO is not only about “flowers” and “bouquet.”

SEO Copywriting could work for any search queries and any businesses. 

To be successful with your website content and generate traffic, you can learn from this step by step approach.

SEO Copywriting: Step by Step (Infographic)

Moving forward

If you are curious about SEO and the copywriting process, you can continue reading more and have a look at this Complete Guide about Writing for SEO

The guide will break down the main steps of the process and give actionable information. 

You will also learn more about what are the free SEO tools helping you to do keywords research, spy the competition, and help you with your copywriting.

Finally, the guide will introduce tactic to promote your content and build backlinks.

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