If you are a Shopify store owner and you want to boost conversion rates.

Try Google Web Stories. Try ProductStories.

Web Stories help online retailers display their products in an eye-catching format that will rank higher in Google mobile search results. The higher you rank, the more attention you get, and finally, you increase your chance to sell your product.

With ProductStories, you can promote your products more appealingly while generating more sales.

Let’s have a look together at this Web Stories builder for e-commerce and Shopify.

What is ProductStories

ProductStories is a fast and smart AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) converter for Shopify. 

It converts all product pages into both:

Additionally, it provides an option to display a Story widget on each page of your e-commerce. When a user clicks, it loads the AMP version of that page. Once converted into AMP and indexed by Google, your product pages can rank higher in Google mobile search.

The key features are :

  • AMP Converter – improves search ranking on mobile, automatically.
  • Google Story Creator – content creation tool for better engagement.
  • Story Widget – AMP experience on desktop optimized for conversion.

Why should you use ProductStories?

ProductStories is the first Shopify app that uses AMP technology for both, converting pages into AMP and also Web Stories format. 

Thanks to powerful AMP technology, online stores can improve their Google search rankings and generate more conversions.

The unique selling point of ProductStories is that it automatically converts all product pages from your e-commerce built with Shopify into AMP without the need to make any changes in the templates or the app’s settings.  

Additionally, ProductStories offers more benefits:

  • An excellent user experience by converting your product pages in a fast-loading AMP format. 
  • Google Web Story for each product page of your e-commerce
  • Interactive story widget on any product pages
  • Option to buy directly from the widget by clicking the CTA button
  • Advanced analytics dashboard to track your progress

How to create Web Stories with ProductStories?

When using ProductStories, you literally will only need to click two times.

Here are the steps on how to create Google Web Stories in Shopify:

  • Install ProductStories
  • Activate the plugin to convert product pages in AMP and Web Story format
  • Choose the Web story template

That’s it.

The app will automatically convert all your product pages and create dedicated AMP story pages and Web Story links. Once indexed by Google, they will appear in Google search results.

Here is the full Shopify installation guide for ProductStories.

Please note that ProductStories is developed for Shopify users only. The team plan to expand its functionalities to other eCommerce and CMS platforms soon. 

ProductStories - Dashboard

What are the next great features coming in ProductStories?

The company behind the web stories editor, EmbedSocial is a startup developing new technologies for more than ten years. Their team is dispersed amongst the HQ office based in Macedonia and a sales office in Japan. 

Their platform aims to provide a variety of marketing tools for small businesses, to automate part of their processes and ease their everyday jobs.

Thus, it was impossible to ignore the new Google Story format, mostly due to its power to create fast-loading web content and thus improve SEO positions immediately. 

As a result, EmbedSocial launched ProductStories, built on top of the AMP technology, to give online retailers an easier way to boost their traffic, customer engagement and improve monetization capabilities.

EmbedSocial launched ProductStories

Additional features are coming, the team in charge of ProductStories works on integrations with story builders and other photo or video apps that will seamlessly help users to add more content to their slides.

Also, they are preparing integrations with Instagram stories or other stories platforms.

What is the price, and how can you start working with ProductStories?

ProductStories provides an entirely free option for creating up to 25 Active Stories.

ProductStories - Pricing

If you want to try the tool, Navigate to the Shopify app store to install the app.

Feel free to contact EmbedSocial’s team at any time, and we will be happy to help you setting up your first AMP Page and Google Web Story.

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