Web Stories are the perfect tool for publishers if they want to offer content in a vertical and snackable way to their audience anywhere on the web.

Zmooz Stories was created with the need for large publishers in mind.

The tool offers automated storification of articles and homepages of publishers and lets media companies create web stories at scale.

Zmooz fixes one pain point of the Web Stories: Effort to create a story.

By leveraging AI, the platform makes the creation flow so fast and easy for publishers to produce hundreds of stories and verticalize their media automatically.

Let’s look at this Web Stories editor made for publishers and any bloggers (like me).

What is Zmooz Stories

ZMOOZ STORIES is an advanced AMP Web Stories platform dedicated primarily to news and media publishers to verticalize their media and storify their articles efficiently thanks to AI.

Publishers can fill up a URL of an article and automatically get the story ready with vertical images, branding, and customized templates. 

ZMOOZ will provide a “storification score“, if your score is below 85% you should contact them they will fix your set up. (And they are really reactive, trust me).

Publishers, journalists, marketers, can then, at any time, from anywhere, edit their stories from both the Desktop Studio or the Mobile App (available for Android and IOS).

ZMOOZ was launched in Santa Monica, California with its European headquarter is in Paris, France. The founders come from media and tech fields, with digital video, copyrights management, data science and artificial intelligence backgrounds. 

The team at ZMOOZ believe that web stories are the ultimate web format because they include most digital formats, are natively vertical and visual, and eventually offer a fully immersive user experience.

Zmooz Stories - Web Story Editor

Why should you use Zmooz?

You are a publisher. You manage a large website full of articles, news or blog posts, and are aware of the capabilities of stories for the web.

But so far, creating Google Web Stories can be still time-consuming. 

With ZMOOZ, publishers gain incredible time and efficiency thanks to the automated AI storification and verticalization of content. ZMOOZ helps large website owners to create web stories at scale and in a streamlined fashion. 

The Web Stories Editor offers many great features for publishers and creatives to edit, post, share and monetize stories from a powerful interface available online from the desktop and via a mobile app.

How can Zmooz help you?

The platform is rich of many features: Editing rich texts, media cropping, multi-audio tracks management, text to speech add ons, media and text animations and an exclusive audio and video media libraries.

But if we want to highlight only two killers features making ZMOOZ stands out from the market, it will be:

  • Storify articles automatically: Paste an URL, and a vertical , personalized story will be created thanks to AI.
  • Native Mobile Application:  You can edit and create stories from anywhere and in one click publish them on your website.

Automatic Storification of any articles 

ZMOOZ storifies articles and verticalizes image, videos and any media automatically. 

Powered by AI, the platforms will identify the best part of an article and create an excellent web story in a couple of minutes. 

ZMOOZ automatically analyzes the media to verticalize it, in an optimized way.

You can benefit from customized templates and styles, that the storification process will use with intelligence. 

Of course, it is always possible to go to the “Story Studio” and change some elements of the story manually.

Automatically create web stories

WYSIWYG Stories Studio

ZMOOZ comes with a great story editor, also called Studio. Anybody can create stories with a simple drag and drop.  

Rich media, text, images, audios and interactions can be added to the story with absolutely no technical skill. You only need a bit of creativity.

If you lack some creativity, you can still use the pre-defined templates.

Once the story is created, you can share it on social media or to your website.

Embed Web Stories on your website

Each story can be embedded in any CMS, including WordPress. 

You can also embed a playlist of stories and create a complete “stories blog” on your website.

How to create a Web Stories blog? 

You can link a subdomain (e.g. stories.yoursite.com) to a ZMOOZ story URL that will act as the stories homepage. Each time a new story is created and published, it will automatically be available under your domain. 

It even generates a sitemap file with all your web stories.

Download the Mobile App and create stories on the go

Thanks to the Mobile App available for Android and iOS, users can incarnate and enrich their stories with videos, images and audios. 

You can create a story from your smartphone, as you will do for Instagram stories. The difference is that you can publish the stories to your site and then will stay there forever.

You can as well jump between the mobile app and the desktop web app.

For instance, you can start creating a story from the desktop studio and then embed video taken from your smartphone directly with the mobile app.

Enterprise Features for Publishers

For the needs of enterprises and publishers, ZMOOZ comes with advanced features. 

The platform manages media assets within the platform with full metadata management, including media rights management, from multiple sources. 

Large teams can manage subsidiaries, multichannel, editing and publication workflows.

An Ads monetization system is included and allows to create campaigns directly in the platform or add programmatic ads sources or classic ads campaigns through Google Adexchange and Google Adsense

Finally, the platform offers advanced analytics with data intelligence.

In case of issue or question, online support is available for free 5/7 for all users. Customer can enjoy premium support available 24/7.

A great example of what Zmooz can do

Want to see an example? 

The website www.nextplz.fr is using ZMOOZ and is supported by a 100% automated process of storification. Every single article on the website get a web story version. All the stories of NextPLZ website can be found here.

All customized templates and styles are used automatically by the bots. All images are verticalized automatically. Hundreds of stories are created and posted automatically every week.

This is an excellent example of creating web stories at scale.

Web Stories Example - create at scale

Pricing of Zmooz

Creating stories with the App or the Studio, streaming and sharing stories is free without limits.

Automatic creation of Web Stories comes with a price. See below for more detail.

What’s coming next with Zmooz

The team at ZMOOZ will continue to enrich the web story platform with more artificial intelligence capabilities. Their mission is to help publishers and brands verticalize and storify their content automatically on large scale, with high quality.

More monetization sources and ad networks will be added, and always more innovations to help their customers innovate.

Ready to try the tool? Contact the team by email or by phone

  • Email : publishers@zmooz.com
  • USA : + 1 424 426 8 123
  • Europe : + 33 1 84 60 45 00

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