If you are wondering how to create an AMP Story, the answer is: Try an AMP Stories builder.

Stories builders or editors are the best way to quickly create engaging stories within a few minutes and with no code or development skills.

There are more than a dozen of AMP Stories builders available, but which one is the best for you? 

In this complete review, we will detail 8 of the major AMP stories platforms on the market.

This guide will help you to understand

  • The benefits and features of each tool
  • Who is the team behind
  • What is the right tool for your

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find your favourite AMP Stories builder and start creating visual content for your website.

What is an AMP Story?

AMP Story is the story format supported by Google. With an AMP Story, you can share text, images and videos in a slideshow format optimized for mobile devices.

It shares similar features with other stories formats such as Facebook or Instagram stories. However, it has significant differences:

  • AMP Stories are built for the open web
  • No dedicated mobile or desktop application is needed to read an AMP Story, just your web browser.
  • You have full control over the creation process
  • Google displays the AMP Stories in the search result.

Here an example of an AMP Story. As you can see, you can easily embed them on a website.

For more information about AMP Stories, I highly recommend reading this complete guide

Today, the focus of the article will be about the AMP Stories Builders.

What is an AMP Stories Builder?

With an AMP Stories Builder, you can produce a story within minutes without coding. They help you speed up the creation process.

A story builder is a web-based application and offer an interface where you can start creating and editing your story by adding text, images and videos.

Here some of the features you will get by using an AMP Stories builder:

  • Drag and Drop of elements on the story
  • Pre-defined templates layout
  • Access to a vast images library
  • Hosting of your stories

What is the best AMP Stories builder?

The goal of this review is not to make a ranking of the AMP Stories editors available, but rather to give you a good overview of each of them.

Then, you will find which one might suit your needs the best and try it.

For the review process, I’ve done the following: Each product makers were contacted, and I offered them the possibility to participate in this article. Some replied, and some ignored me.

Each of them was treated the same way. I shared with them a questionnaire, and they were free to give their answers.

Their answers are slightly edited. Nevertheless, I try to keep the essence of their message.

Also I’ve done my own research and tested each available AMP Stories Builders.

For each tool, you will understand

  • What are the main benefits of the tool
  • Who are the people behind
  • What are the main features of the builder
  • What is the pricing
  • And what will be the next features available in the tool

Also, keep in mind that some of the tools below are still in a beta phase or offer a limited access to their early users.

Tool ReviewedPhase
Flash StoriesOpen to everyone (only available in Chinese)
Make StoriesOpen to everyone
OnceOpen to everyone
tappableEarly access on demand
viqeoEarly access on demand
Visual StoriesOpen to everyone
StappOpen to everyone

Let’s have a look at the AMP Stories Builders and Editors, by alphabetical order.

AMP Stories Builders and Editors Landscape


What is Ampstor?

Ampstor is a no-code web app where you can build or edit interactive AMP Stories with zero code in a couple of minutes.

Ampstor is a no-code web app AMP Stories in a couple of minutes.

Ampstor offers a set of options to create and publish AMP stories.

Content publishers can visualize their content in this format by choosing one of the three options:

  1. Custom mode (BETA) – users can fully edit stories or create new ones from scratch.
  2. Easy mode – users have limited editing abilities and use pre-built templates.
  3. Convert from a link (Work in Progress ) – users can convert other pages to AMP Stories.

The goal of Ampstor is to build awareness of the new format and utilize features that can help users see the value and how powerful it is to promote their brand with AMP stories.

The team behind Ampstor

The company is fully distributed with people working from Europe and the USA.

All of them are excited about new technologies and building products. Most of the team members have a history of launching products, and the Ampstor tool was an idea worth merging their efforts.

The technologies for the tool are AMP and Flutter. Another challenge is to build the first Flutter web app that can easily create and publish AMP Stories.

What are the key benefits and features of Ampstor?

Ampstor enables a way for content publishers to independently publish their stories and be creative by utilizing beautiful templates, and features that don’t require for them to code.

Pre-built templates tested for several devices

The AMP Story is more than a piece of content, it is a responsive format, and it must be tested for multiple more devices and screen resolution

Ampstor has a solution for multidevice testing with the Easy Mode. In this mode, you have access to multiple templates that have been already tested for various screens and devices. 

Finally, you can focus on the creation of AMP Stories. Ampstor is taking care of the rest and publish responsive visual stories within minutes.

Pre-built templates tested for several devices with Ampstor - AMP Stories

Transfer your stories to hosting websites

Currently, Ampstor has an FTP option that enables the users to upload files to different hosting sites, including WordPress. Direct integration with other CMSs is in the works.

A team always here for you

Any ideas or suggestion are welcome. Just hit the feedback button from the tool interface and tell the team how the tool could be improved.

Users can still send a message to the team on team@ampstor.co.

Features List of Ampstor

In a nutshell, the main features of Ampstor:

  • Pre-built templates tested on 30+ devices
  • Free Media libraries 
  • Branding presets for brands 
  • In-app preview mode (you can see how your story will look like in more than ten devices)
  • Free hosting and storage of your stories
  • Google analytics integration
  • SEO meta tags 
  • Extract JSON/HTML and FTP hosting options
  • Preview of bookend
  • UI with dark and light mode

Pricing of Ampstor

Ampstor provides an entirely free model to create AMP Stories.

Anybody can start creating his first stories with the “Easy” mode. There will be paid features in the future for advanced scenarios.

Ampstor provides an entirely free model to create AMP Stories.

Who is using Ampstor

The tool is developed for a wide range of users: SMB, independent content publishers, influencers, Vloggers, DIY makers, media outlets.

Overall, the ideal user doesn’t want to bother with the development and testing of the stories. He wants to create a beautiful story quickly and publish it on the web.

AMPStor has been created to ease the story creation process and to solve several issues such as:

  • Lack of Coding knowledge
  • Difficulties in testing on multiple devices
  • Lack of design skills
  • SEO

What’s on the roadmap for Ampstor

Since the beginning, the team has designed the tool in a way that it can support multiple AMP products – such as email, websites, stories. 

AMP stories are just the beginning. The goal is to be the main tool for the creation of all options for the AMP web components.

The team at Ampstop want to empower its users. And will soon offer a new section on the website called #Growth.

From this section, companies can get ideas on how to make their AMP Stories stand out. 

You first story with Ampstor

Go to ampstor.web.app and give the team your feedback on info@ampstor.co.

You can as well send a message to anita@ampstor.co or contact her on twitter @anitakirkovska.

You first story with Ampstor - AMP Stories

Flash Stories

What is Flash Stories?

The team behind Flash Stories is running an agency located in Taiwan and helps its customers with WordPress websites creation, digital marketing and SEO services. 

They have decided to build Flash Stories to help their customers get more organic traffic and at the same time, increase their conversion rate.

Flash Stories team believes that AMP Stories is the right format and could be the best companion of a website.

What are the key benefits and features of Flash Stories?

A website with visual stories

With Flash Stories, a company can build its branding site and unlimited AMP Stories within a few clicks:

  • The website and stories are created with a drag and drop builder.
  • SEO features help you to optimize the content for search engine.

Once the website or stories are published, you can also track the performance with integrated analytics.  

Build your story in Mandarin

Flash Stories is the only tool offering an interface in Mandarin (Traditional Chinese). The english version is on the roadmap.

Flash Stories offering an interface translated in Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) - AMP Stories

Features list of Flash Stories

In a nutshell, the main features of Flash Stories:

  • Drag & drop: Thanks to a well-designed workflow, the user can easily drag and drop elements to create his first story.
  • Branding page: Together with AMP Stories, the user has the option to create brand pages and manage content.
  • Assets: a user can easily add photos, videos, create shapes, insert CTA buttons, and sound files on the story page.

Who is using Flash Stories?

The tool has been designed for the needs of both B2C & B2B companies.

The ideal customer of Flash Stories is doing e-commerce and is looking for a new way to engage with his audience.

Affiliate marketers and bloggers can also use Flash Stories. It will let them generate traffic and awareness in a new and creative way.

Awant Vegan Player: the vegan travel agency in Taiwan

The travel agency, Awant Vegan Player, had one main challenge: keeping a steady flow of online traffic.

The team at Flash Stories ran an experiment for the travel agency and transformed the blog posts into AMP Stories.

Their assumptions were confirmed: The story format is more engaging, and people spent more time looking at the content.

And finally, more people ended up visiting the main website of the agency to get more information about the services and travel packages.

Pricing of Flash Stories?

Flash Stories is free to use. There is no concrete plan to monetize the application at the moment.

What are the next great features coming in Flash Stories?

Templates. More Templates.

Flash Stories team want to make people’s lives easier through the design and tool.

However, the evolution of the tool is dependant on the AMP Stories Framework and its development.

Your first story with Flash Stories

If you want to try the tool or discuss the team, contact Gary Yang on his mobile: +886-926-000-214 or email him at email: service@ohya.co 

You can as well visit their website and learn more about Flash Stories.


What is MakeStories?

MakeStories is an end-to-end WYSIWYG editor for AMP Stories that helps non-coders build AMP Stories without writing a single line of code.

The reason MakeStories exists is to scale the format at speed like never before. MakeStories team does not expect publishers to code or hire dedicated developers for building AMP Stories.   

Also, companies might not be aware of topics such as “monetization” or “engagement” with Stories. Therefore MakeStories can support them.

The vision of MakeStoties is to help companies by reducing the time needed to produce AMP Stories.

What are the key benefits and features of MakeStories?

Build a story within 15 minutes

By using MakeStories, you can produce AMP Stories at record-breaking speed. The aim is to allow users to build the AMP Stories within 15 minutes.

Currently, users of MakeStories spend about 2-3 hrs to produce an incredible story.

A complete editing interface

The team has built a story editor that allows the users to create AMP Stories and leverage (almost) every features from the offer by the AMP Stories framework.

MakeStories is all about simplicity. Using MakeStories can be a bit difficult at first. But once you get a hold of it, it’s so easy for you to build AMP Stories.

Start from one of the 500+ templates

MakeStories offers about 500+ templates. Apart from that, you can also design your own templates with a very easy-to-use drag & drop interface.

Integrate with your website

You can export all of the stories and also integrate them with WordPress or transfer to your website using FTP access.

Great customer support

MakeStories support their customers over Live Chat, Ticket & Twitter DM.

Features List of MakeStories

In a nutshell, the main features of MakeStories:

  • High Quality HTML / CSS
  • Export minified and un-minified versions of HTML / CSS
  • Huge library of stock images 
  • Free 3d Illustrations, icons 
  • Google fonts library
  • Component animation 
  • Inbuilt bookend builder 
  • Page attachments 
  • Call-To-Action buttons

Who is using Make Stories?

The ideal customer: Anyone who wants to build an AMP Story is a perfect customer. It could be a freelancer or a Fortune 500 company.

Companies such as The United Nations or Oui.SNCF have trusted MakeStories. Few publishers in Asia are also using the tool to create stories.

Each MakeStories customers can create AMP Stories at scale with zero knowledge of coding.

Pricing model of MakeStories?

MakeStories is free to use for the moment. A paid version will come in 2020, but the model has not been disclosed yet.

Your first story with MakeStories

Start your first story with MakeStories and sign up here.

You can contact the team for more information or call them at +1 877 992 7866 (U.S. Toll-Free) // +91 97692 69685 ( Intl ).


What is Once?

Once is a story editor to create interactive stories on the web. Once allows the users to:

  • Create immersive stories on the web with pre-designed templates and blocks.
  • Share stories on any browser or device with a URL – stories are not limited to native apps.
  • Gather actionable user data through its interactive features: polls, sliders, inputs, etc.

The idea was to take the story format out of these apps and out of the personal realm. Once is contributing to the democratization of enhanced stories onto the web with interactive elements, and adapting it to business use cases.

The team at Once is French, and the company is incubated at E-founders startup studio in Paris. Their journey started in 2019.

What are the key benefits and features of Once?

The main difference of Once against the other AMP Stories Builders is that you can create stories that are interactives.

The users can create a story by adding several elements such as Text, Image, Media, Embed or Stickers on the pages.

On top of this, it is possible to add engagement elements such as polls, open questions, CTAs.

With Once, you will gather insights from your audience through an immersive mobile-first experience.

Engage and get answers

The engagement features of Once let you interact with your audience through an immersive mobile-first experience.

You can place various elements on the page of the story, such as:

  • Single choice element
  • Multi-select element
  • Free text
  • Click to action
Once - Engage and get answers

With this mechanism, it will be easier to gather feedback or even collect contact information and the emails of your prospects or customers.

All the information are stored within the application dashboard and can be retrieved.

Analyze and understand your customer

Once offered some great analytics information about the number of views and completion of the stories. You can see the level of engagement of your audience.

The data gathered via the engagement form are also available, and you can even export them in a CSV format.

Once - Analyze and understand your customer

Who are the ideal customers of Once?

Direct-to-consumer companies are the ideal customers of Once. They can use the stories format and the engagement options to interact directly with their consumers and establish a relationship.

Interaction is key for Direct-to-consumer marketing. Such companies are always looking for a new and innovative way to “speak” with their clients

Pricing of Once

Once is still free for the moment. The pricing model will be a freemium model.

What are the next great features coming soon for Once?

Once will continue to develop the stories editor by offering templates to create beautiful interactive stories easily.

More engagement elements will be available such as polls, video, audio, a calendly integration and more embeds.

Your first story with Once

You can sign up here and join the Slack channel for any questions.

Your first story with Once


What is Stapp?

With Stapp, you can build an AMP Story from your Instagram account in one click. 

The team behind Stapp is a startup from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They have been developing web to print automation for 12 years and love graphic and web design.

They see in the AMP Story format an opportunity to build sites like a magazine: fast, mobile and user first.  And they believe that social posts are the best format to build AMP Stories.

What are the key benefits and features of Stapp?

Stapp is different from the other AMP Stories builder.

It is a platform that brings your Instagram posts to a new audience via a website powered by AMP Stories. 

Create a website from your Instagram post in one click

You don’t need any drag and drop, edits or building tools. In just one click you can create a nice website from your Instagram account.

The key features

  • Automatically create and update your website
  • Automatic SEO Meta tags and Structured data
  • Hosting on Google CDN and SSL
  • Links on Sidebar (site links and social links)
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • CTA on Instagram posts
  • Affiliate links
  • Installable site

Who is the ideal customers of Stapp?

By its nature, Stapp focuses on people having an Instagram account and who would like to offer another experience from the content they produce on the social network.

The key users of Stapp are influencers, bloggers, creators, solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Pricing of Stapp

Stapp has a free version and several paid versions.

For free, you get a story with your last 12 posts on Instagram.

Then you have several packages from 27 USD / month to 250 USD / month. The paid packages come with more options and ultimately a personal branding.

What are the next great features coming soon for Stapp?

The team would like to introduce more template and as well the option to add quizz.

Their idea is as well to open their concept to other social networks and create AMP Stories from Twitter accounts.

Your first story with Stapp

Go to Stapp, enter your Instagram acount and start for free.

For any information, you can contact the team as well.


What is Tappable

Tappable is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build mobile websites that look exactly like (Instagram) Stories, without a single line of coding. 

Create immersive and engaging content in a format that is loved and used by more than 1,5 billion people every single day. Findable, linkable and shareable on the web.

Tappable is a Belgian family startup that wants to significantly improve user experience with content on mobile devices by means of data and technology. 

Tappable is the result of 2 years’ working in Kenya around efficient mobile communication with young customers on mobile devices. 

See how AMP Stories help the early users of Tappable to gain huge engagement in the presentation at the AMPConf organized by Google in Tokyo in April 2019.

What are the key benefits and features of Tappable?

Tappable helps media companies and brands increase engagement with their audience on mobile devices.

Concretely this results in higher conversion rates and ultimately, sales.

Standalone CMS and hosting platform

Tappable was built from the ground up to support teams to create qualitative content in AMP Stories format.

The product is a standalone CMS and hosting platform for AMP Stories.

Features list of Tappable

In a nutshell, the main features of Tappable:

  • Collaborative editing within workspaces
  • Brand assets library (colours, fonts, assets, templates,…)
  • Easy to use grid-based visual editor
  • Rich text editor allowing mixing fonts, sizes, colours and alignments
  • Header tags for optimized SEO
  • Smart optimization of all image and video assets
  • Delivery through a global CDN with points of presence worldwide
  • Use your own domain
  • No code whatsoever

Who is the ideal customers of Tappable?

Tappable has been developed to answer the needs of businesses.

The ideal companies can be a publisher, a brand and an agency from SMB to enterprise.

Tappable is solving the need for both brands and publishers to efficiently create, publish and deliver immersive and engaging content for their audience on smartphones.

Content that increases their conversion rates and ultimately their revenue.

Pricing of Tappable

A tiered SaaS pricing model will be deployed at full-out launch.

Your first story with Tappable

You can sign up for early access on https://tappable.co/ or contact the team for more information.


What is Viqeo Stories Studio? 

Viqeo Stories Studio simplifies omnichannel stories creation by using customizable templates and both horizontal/vertical previews to make a story for all social networks & AMP Stories at once.

Viqeo started in 2018 as a video illustration platform for digital media publishers such as Hearst, Burda, Axel Springer to illustrate articles with videos, but later expanded to full-stack video platform for video creation, distribution & monetization. 

Sergei (CEO & co-founder) has 10+ adtech & product development experience.

What are the key features of Viqeo?

Viqeo Stories Studio simplifies stories creation by using customizable templates.

The user can start from existing web articles, and the tool will extract images, videos, text automatically to speed up the creation process.

On top of this, Viqeo offers an easy way to create AMP Stories with a built-in video editor.

The stories are hosted on the platform. By a simple copy-paste, you could embed the story on your site with by pasting embed code.

Features list of Viqeo

  • Template-based approach
  • Convert articles to stories in a semi-automatic way
  • Monetize AMP Stories & Stories on your website
  • Horizontal and Vertical preview
  • Export to AMP, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat in different screen ratios
  • Embed stories to any websites and monetize them with video ads

Who is using Viqeo?

Digital media publishers and large entreprise are the ideal customers of Viqeo. They need to create rich stories and for different media channels.

Pricing of Viqeo

Viqeo has a freemium model with several tiers.

  • Free version with limitations
  • Free business version for digital media with monetization
  • Pro version (19$)
  • Business Version (99$)
  • Enterprise (call them for more information)

What are the next great features coming soon for Viqeo?

The team will continue to improve the UX/UI of the tool and add more default templates, and more features such as:

  • Analytics support
  • Monetization set up for AMP Stories
  • More themes & animations
  • Quick text addition if the story is created from an article
  • Free video/photo libraries
  • Video tutorials

Your first story with Viqeo

Viqeo is not open yet to everyone. If you want to try, you can contact the team.


What is VisualStories

VisualStories is a complete solution for digital marketers offering many features.

On one side, the tool is a website and AMP-PWA builder. It is a no-code solution to get a visual blog on a sub-domain of any website.

You can also start a brand new website with Visual Stories and get it fully managed with automatic updates. 

On the other side, VisualStories is also an AMP Stories discovery platform where you can publish guest stories and blogs.

VisualStories is owned by Buzzle Software Solutions and based in India.

VisualStories - AMP Stories

What are the key benefits and features of VisualStories?

Visual Stories gives a no-code solution to integrate AMP Stories feature on websites without any technical hassles, and for free. 

The Visual Story Builder has been developed to give an intuitive interface and lets anybody create Stories in minutes.

The user can design his first Stories by selecting one of the several pre-designed templates.

Media libraries of over a million images 

With Visual Story, you have free access to a library of over a million pictures and videos.

You can find as well several music files and pre-designed templates that help you magnify your stories.

Media libraries of over a million images  - AMP Stories

Visual Stories Network

Content marketers can leverage the Story Builder tool to write promotional content in the Stories format. 

They can write content on multiple websites from a single place and thus expand their visibility.

These multiple sites are linked together and form an extensive network. Together, they form the largest AMP Stories discovery platform.

Anybody starting a website/blog with Visual Stories can add his website and AMP Stories to the Visual Stories Network.

Online training 

The team at VisualStories provides customers with an elaborate online training of creating Stories with the Visual Story Builder. 

For any technical help, customers can communicate with the Visual Stories tech team over email or through Facebook messenger or Twitter.

Features list of VisualStories

  • Free Media Libraries: access to a vast image library of over 600,000 assets
  • Create Your Own Media Library: You can also upload images and videos in a dedicated library.
  • CTA: You can add call-to-action buttons in your Stories.
  • Layouts and Animations: A built-in animations for text and images guarantee unique user experience.
  • Templates: Several pre-designed templates can help start the creative flow.
  • Write for Multiple Websites: You can publish Stories on multiple websites in the Visual Stories Network.
  • Widget: Stories created using the Visual Story Builder can be integrated on any other page with the help of the Widget feature.
Features list of VisualStories - AMP Stories

Who is using VisualStories

VisualStories will interest anyone or any companies that are looking to expand reach and visibility online.

Here some of the main profiles, businesses or individuals that are the ideal users of VisualStories.


Established publishers looking for a no-code solution to integrate AMP Stories feature on their website and start leveraging this content format.

Businesses who wish to build an online presence

Businesses looking to get into visual content or looking for a visual blogging tool to enhance their online presence with engaging content.

Visual Stories gives them a no-code solution to start a new website and create content in the Stories format with the help of the Visual Story Builder.

Content Marketers

Content Marketers can harness the Visual Story Builder to create and publish Stories on multiple high-authority websites in the Visual Stories Network from a single place.


Individuals who wish to create content in the AMP Stories format to earn web audience.


Individuals looking to start their own visual website to expand their reach on the web by gaining search traffic.

AMP Stories featured on 1500 websites with VisualStories

The team at VisualStories has implemented the AMP Stories format on 1500 websites and for several industries:

The teams working for these websites were given technical help as well as training of the Visual Story Builder and guidance about design, SEO and the creating and editing of Stories.

AMP Stories featured on 1500 websites with VisualStories

Pricing of VisualStories 

There is a free option and there are two paid options for a maximum amount of USD 20 per month.

More detail about the pricing here.

What is on the Roadmap for VisualStories

The tool will follow the evolution of the AMP Stories framework, and for instance implement different card types.

The Visual Story Builder will evolve to get more features such that the interface is easier to use and a Story creator gets a hassle-free and richer experience when creating Stories.

Visual Stories Network will expand to include more websites from different niches, thus serving as a bigger platform for content marketing and distribution.

Your first story with VisualStories

 Sign up with Visual Stories and you will get access to the Story Builder. 

And for more information you can contact the team.

How to make an AMP Story with WordPress?

You need a plugin for AMP Stories.

The most popular is the one from the team behind the AMP Framework.

The plugin called AMP is continuously updated with the latest feature and has support for AMP Stories and other AMP-related features.

I won’t make a tour of all the plugin available but focus on a single one. (The one that was nice enough to answer the interview.)

Amp Stories for WordPress 

With the “Amp Stories for WordPress” plugin, you can create compelling visual stories by filling a simple form on a WordPress post or page. 

The plugin was built by the company WPGenius. 

WPGenius, founded by Elias Margolis, provides tutorials and plugins for WordPress users. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, they are fans of everything related to WordPress.

Key features of Amp stories for WordPress 

With “Amp stories for WordPress” you can create beautiful Amp Stories and easily. 

If you have a WordPress site, you will be able to create stories for free, as the plugin is available in the WordPress free repository. 

You can add background images, text, videos and audio to your Amp story by filling out a form in a post or page. Here are some of the plugin’s features:

Here the list of the main features:

  • Add background video to Amp Page 
  • Add audio to Amp Page
  • Include URLs to Amp Page
  • Add a background image to Amp Page
  • Create Amp Stories on your page or post
Amp Stories for WordPress

Pricing of Amp stories for WordPress

The plugin is available for free.

There is also a pro version which will enable you to add “related posts” and social media links at the end of your stories. The price of the pro version is 9 USD. 

Support is offered to both free and pro users. 

What coming next with Amp stories for WordPress

There will be a new pro and free version that will include the following:

  • Compatibility with Amp Story Ads. 
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics.
  • More templates: Free and paid. 

You first story with Amp stories for WordPress

First you need a WordPress website and then add the plugin for free.

For support or information about the plugin: support@wpgenius.net

What about the other AMP Stories builders

Here the list of AMP Builders that didn’t participate to the interview:

  • Cutnut
  • Easy Stories
  • Issuu Story Cloud
  • Minutly
  • Newsroom Studio

Feel free to check them out, and enter their name in Google. They will be happy to have some organic traffic.

Mobile Apps to create AMP Stories

You can create AMP Stories with the following two mobile applications:

Mobile Apps to create AMP Stories

Both of them focus on creating How-To stories.

The creation process is really simple and is close to what you get with Facebook or Instagram Stories:

  • Take a few pictures or video
  • Add it to your story
  • Publish

Once published, your story will appear on their platform. Indeed these two applications let you create stories in an AMP Stories format, but they are as well a social network.

You could embed the story on your website with the URL, but the branding will display the name of the app, and you don’t have an option to customize or add many elements on the stories.

Finally, use these apps if you would like to start producing how-to stories.

Jumprope - Mobile Apps to create AMP Stories

My two cents about the AMP Stories and the tools reviewed

The AMP Stories format and the stories builders will be successful if the following is true:

  • The stories are easy to create
  • The stories are available in Google Search
  • The stories increase engagement and conversion

Easy to create

The product makers are doing a great job with their builders and try to solve a key challenge: reducing the time-to-publish.

There is still work to be done, and the creation process should be smoother.

Being able to re-use existing assets, pages or other web properties and quicky build a story will help.

A game-changer for the builders will be the creation of a dedicated mobile application. 

Indeed, there are already two mobile apps creating AMP Stories, but they are limited to how-to stories, and your stories will be published on their platform. You create content for them.

And the other AMP builders are web-based and working for desktop. You need to sit behind your computer to create a story.

Being able to create a story “on the go” from a smartphone and push it to your website will open the AMP Stories format to a new audience – individuals. 

At the moment, it is still focused on businesses and marketing professional.

Instagram stories are also popular because anyone can quickly publish a story, you or your favourite brand.

Stories in the SERP

One year ago, when I wrote the complete review of AMP Stories, Google has announced that it will display more and more stories in the SERP, and especially under a section called Visual Stories.

Indeed, I found some stories in the SERP, but never saw this Top Stories feature.

Maybe Google doesn’t have space anymore for a new SERP features? (This is sarcastic.)

Joke aside, if Google does not highlight more this format on its search page. Publishers and businesses won’t start using it.

Increase engagement and conversion

Engagement and conversion are associated with the visibility of the stories in Google Search (SERP) but not only: The features offered by the framework are important as well.

The team behind the AMP framework are doing a great job to make these stories format the most advanced and flexible among the other stories format.

They have released already great features such as a menu, attachment and CTA.

Hopefully, they will offer even more possibility to create unique stories.

What do the product makers think about the future of AMP Stories?

The people working on those Stories builder are investing a lot of their time and energy on the format.

They have good hope in the success of the format.

Anita from Ampstor said that “it is just the start, brands will start to utilize this technology more in the years to come“. 

She also thinks that the openness of the format is an opportunity: “All current social media stories are published in a closed ecosystem, so accessibility will be significantly improved as brands start to publish on the open web.

The team at VisualStories are highlighting the critical role of Google for a successful story.

They said, “AMP Stories will redefine the way users see the web; when some content in this format starts appearing in search results of prominent search engines, such as the travel search queries.”

Still, some of the vendors would like to see more features. Sergei from viqeo mentioned some ideas such as “quizzes, sticker and more monetization options“. 

Flash Stories team would like to see improvement in the future as well. Gary Yang from Flash Stories indicates “The AMP Stories itself is good but not perfect at the moment, we are looking forward to more function from Google soon, such as Page Attachment function.

Finally, the stories builders are playing an essential role in this ecosystem. Anita from Ampstor said: “It is our role as toolmakers and active members of the contribution community to help introduce this format to the world and help them understand the benefits that it offers for businesses.

To recap

The AMP Stories format is just at its beginning, and more great features will come in 2020. 

It is still the right moment for you to start embracing this format.

The best way to create your first stories is to pick one of the AMP Builders on the market.

The product makers will love to hear from you and support you with your very first creations.

It is time to start your first stories before the space is getting crowded.


  1. Hi Samuel! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog. They are so in-depth and informative. I really appreciate your efforts tha you put in. Great work! The AMP Stories builders and Editors blog was a great read (as always)! Visual Stories was outstandingly great from the rest, given the features and network that it has built. Surely, making the Stories easy-to-create and easy-to-publish for anyone, is a big challenge.

  2. It was really worth reading this blog.
    I have personally tested the MakeStories and VisualStories.
    MakeStories have problem with publishing. It you want to use your domain, and if you have wordpress, then though claimed, but the publish to wordpress don’t work. So, I could not go ahead with MakeStories, though they had a Good Interface and libraries.

    Talking about the VisualStories, it’s really one of the best Story Builder. The ease with which, we can create the stories is good.
    The publishing freedom is absolutely handy, totally easy.
    You can use your domain and publish the stories on your sub-domain. I tried with https://stories.solaank.co.in
    Also, if you don’t have the website, you can create the one with visualstories.com

    The team is really helpful, and their response was also good and positive. They guided me properly during the whole setup of the website. Their efforts are appreciated.
    But yes, they have a long way to go… A lot of scope for improvement is there for VisualStories.

    For me, the VisualStories worked well…

  3. Absolutely right, Deepakraj! Samuel’s blogs are indeed worth to read – and there’s so much so much research, efforts out into, that is really commendable. This blog is surely a big library for the Web community building Web Stories.

    Glad that you liked VisualStories. We always strive for user-first approach.

    But, yes, as you said we have a long way to go. Surely, we will challenge ourselves each coming day and bring nothing but the best for the users!

    Thank you Samuel for bringing us together here with your blog. It’s always a pleasure interacting with you – always a great learning experience.

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